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the Virtual Museum of Poole Pottery

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Tony Morris after Poole
Tony continues to produce pottery in small quantities and most pieces are sold as soon as they leave the kiln. Tony's recent work shows the influence of nature and the Dorset coastline, but there is an occasional reference to his early work in the Poole Studio. 
 The detail above is a modern and highly detailed interpretation of the design on a tile panel which first appeared on a 1964 coffee table.
Above - off-set tile panel mounted on board, Tony Morris 2007

Above - Mexican Rain God 2007







Above - Old Harry Rocks with Swanage lights and the Purbecks in the background, 2008.





Above - flower heads of the wild teasel


Windblown tree on the Purbecks looking over Weymouth Bay to Portland, 2008
Poole Power Station, 2010
Power Station (detail) 
Iberian Lynx (detail) 2008
Trapeze - 2009

Dorset coastline 2009 

Above - Corfe Castle, 2008

Poole Quay, 2010 


Above - Poole Harbour and the working Quay from the Old Lighthouse near Baiter.

Above - Portland
Aztec/Inca influence, 2009
Above - medlar tree / Garden of Eden, 2009