Carter and Co. 1900 - 1925

Above - 'Alfred the Lion' - a copy of the Alfred Stevens design for the 25 cast iron lions in the railings of the British Museum installed in 1852. The design was very popular and copied by various companies including Pilkingtons and (above) Carter and Co. Made from buff stoneware, 13 inches high and with an early John Adams uranium orange glaze, early 1900's.

Above - adapted as an advertising paperweight and given away by firm representatives.

Lustre ware

Carter's Tiles produced lustre glazed tiles from about 1896. Following experiments carried out by Owen Carter the production of decorative lustre wares began in 1900, initially at the Hamworthy Tileworks.

The panel of lustre glazed tiles shown above was made for the Carter factory, c1905 and is now on public display in the quayside development on the site of the former Pottery. 'This highly decorative panel shows the faience of both William de Morgan and the Art Nouveau styles then in vogue' [description Poole Pottery, Hayward and Atterbury]